WebJam NYC

An in-person New York coding meetup for the high schoolers building the web

Mid-January 2022

Brooklyn, NY

What is WebJam NYC?

WebJam NYC is a 22-hour event where 80 inspired high schoolers come together. We provide snacks, amazing food, and workshops, while you build something cool with other people! The best projects have the opportunity to win huge prizes.

With modern technologies, the possibilities of what you can make on the web are limitless— and the web is the biggest content distribution platform in the world. Anyone with the necessary skills can get a huge audience for any idea. That anyone can be you!

High schoolers have been hit hard by COVID. Hackathons are the most magical events we have personal experience with, and we wanted to share that magic with more people.

More info coming soon! We're still confirming additional sponsors and our main event's date. Stay tuned...


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How much does it cost?

Everything is completely free, from registration to amazing food, snacks, merch and everything else! We welcome you to tentatively register.

We are hoping to do transportation reimbursements, but as of now we cannot.

What's the venue?

We are still negotiating so we can't yet give a solid location, but this event will take place in Brooklyn and within a 10 minute walk from public transportation.

We will post more information on our Twitter when we get it, so keep an eye out there.

Who is this for?

We're targeting students grades 9-12. Both people who've never built a website before and experienced developers are welcome.

There will be helpers, mentors, and free workshops to help you out if you're new to programming. Everyone who can come is encouraged to come!

What are you doing to make this COVID-safe?

WebJam is a ways off right now, but we will be following CDC regulations as well as recommendations from health professionals. The event is also low-capacity, with only 80 participants. At the very least we will be requiring masks for all participants.

What can I make?

This is a web jam, so the only restriction is that you build a website. It can be a game, app, or whatever your heart desires. An optional theme will be revealed at the start of the event.

Who is running this?

This is an event for high schoolers, run by high schoolers. We're sponsored by the international nonprofit Hack Club, and we will have background-checked adult staff supervising.

Do I need a team?

Nope! There will be people you can team up with if you wish, or you can work alone. But feel free to come with friends! Teams will be 1-4 people.

What do I need to bring?

You'll need a laptop, a student ID, and whatever chargers you need. If you don't have an ID let us know beforehand and we'll figure something out.